15 Years of ENNOS


More sun

This was the founding motto in 1994 when former employees of the Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) of the Fraunhofer Company in Freiburg founded the company ENNOS GmbH - innovative energy systems. The close collaboration with international research establishments guarantees up-to-date knowledge of photovoltaics and electronic design of all development projects at ENNOS.


  • 1994 ENNOS GmbH founded in Freiburg (Germany)
  • 1995 Development of a control system for solar powered shutters
  • 1996 First heat meter for thermic solar power systems on the market
  • 1997 Equipment of 20 alpine huts with solar technology and battery management systems
  • 2000 Development of a Solar Home System in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute
  • 2001 Developement of control system for Aluwave insulated glas shutter
  • 2004 Large scale sunshades in Canada are equipped with ENNOS control system
  • 2006 Participation in production plants of ELGE Ltd. in Hungary
  • 2007 Development of an intelligent handheld for bathtube lifters
  • 2007 Production of drive modules for Alu-Wave shutters in isolated windows