Building Automation

In many applications of building automation there is no mains supply available. In particular during modernization or building enlargements, solar supplied drives are often used as a low-cost and quickly realized solution.


Shutter control

With photovoltaically powered shutters the dimensioning of the solar cell and robust electronics with low power consumption are essential to an extended and reliable operation. Extreme seasonal differences in temperature as well as daily fluctuations require system controls and accumulators that can cope with considerable stress.


Umbrella control systems

Large scale umbrellas are used for protective shielding against sun and rain. Up to four large umbrellas are operated using the ENNOS control. The drive is powered by an accumulator recharged either by solar collectors or an external charger. An external wind sensor determines when the umbrella must be shut due to high wind pressure.


Garage door drives

The convenient operation of electric garage doors has become increasingly significant. Garage doors far away from residential building and a mains supply can be powered by photovoltaic modules buffered with accumulators.