Applications in Environmental Technology

Since 1994 ENNOS develops and produces components for photovoltaically powered insular systems.

level control

Level Control

In 2004 the existent water power station was put back into service on the "Musikinsel" in Stockach. New turbines, generators and controllers were installed at the power station building. The aim is to generate an annual outcome of approximately 700 000 kWh, to serve for roughly 200 households. To optimise turbine efficiency the water level is to be measured at approximately 1000 mtrs upriver, to be evaluated at the power station. Maintaining a power supply for the sensors and transmitting the results by wire is not economically sound, as the terrain is impassable in parts, and it would therefore be very costly to lay cables over such a distance. ENNOS designed a photovoltaic power supply and the transmission of measurements by radio.